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  • Auditing

    Cape Health and Safety offers fully customisable workplace audits for every industry. We can create custom audits from scratch, reuse existing audits, and even generate and edit audits on desktop computers for import into our Auditing program. And if that isn't enough, you can also share audit forms with different branches or role players. Take a photo of whatever it is you are auditing, then easily add arrows, diagrams, drawings or even handwriting to clearly spell out your findings. E-mail a full comprehensive report from site for an immediate reflection of the situation on site.

  • Construction Safety

    In providing health and safety services to the construction industry, Cape Safety - begins with adherence to statutory requirements such as safety documentation and then goes further, uplifting the knowledge and skills of workers so as to minimise incidents and accidents on sites.

    Regular inspections are conducted and site-specific interventions implemented, We adhere to statutory requirements, provide site documentation, handle legal appointments, conduct risk assessments, create fall protection plans and consistently manage contractors to ensure a sustainable reduction in liability.

  • Contractor Management

    Cape Health and Safety developed a pragmatic Health and Safety Solution for Contractors working on a Client’s premises, ensuring that all statutory requirements are in place in order for the Contractor to be hublot replica uk compliant in terms of the OHS Act and Regulations. This includes all legal requirements and site documentation such as legal appointments, risk assessments, fall protection plans and rolex replica uk and safety specifications. Ongoing Management of contractors ensures sustainability and peace of mind, accompanied by reduced liabilities.

  • Commercial and Industrial Safety

    Cape Safety will develop a health and safety system in which employees are encouraged to participate, simultaneously ensuring full legal compliance in the provision of a safe working environment. This rolex replica sale comprehensive legal audits, Hazard Identification Risk Analysis (HIRA) accident investigation and reporting leading to a fully comprehensive Health and Safety rolex replica sale for your factory, farm or office complex.

    In partnership with Cape Health and Safety, employers can rolex replica full legal compliance via:

    • the all-important‘ first inspection
    • comprehensive legal audits
    • full risk assessment audits
    • Hazard Identification Risk Analysis (HIRA)
    • emergency procedures and evacuation plans
    • routine health and safety inspections
    • training
    • assistance with legal appointments
    • establishing a H&S committee
    • on-site management of the system
    • monthly meetings to ensure compliance
    • accident investigation and reporting
  • Building Audits

    Cape Health and Safety with its resident team of trained and qualified staff will undertake commercial, industrial and retail property inspections which will result in a comprehensive photo report highlighting the condition of the building and its environs.

    In addition the tenants will be audited in order to clearly establish a risk profile of your property, with particular reference to fire risk as a result of poor electrical maintenance; un serviced extraction systems and inadequate or ineffective firefighting equipment.

  • School Safety

    The OHS Act was established to create a safe working environment for employees. Its purpose is to prevent harm to employees, contractors and visitors to workplaces. It puts obligations on employers to establish systems to manage hazards. This includes identifying, eliminating, isolating, minimising and monitoring hazards and requiring employers to train and supervise employees in health and safety procedures.
    What type of hazards may be on the premises of our school?

    • Slippery floors or walkways
    • Tripping hazards
    • Broken windows
    • Falling light fittings and ceilings
    • Unsafe playground
    • Uncontrolled chemical experiments
    • Exposed open electrical conductors
    • Broken or damaged stairs
    • Moving machinery such as lawnmowers
    • Open cabinets • Overloading of electrical sockets
    • Moving of heavy objects
    • No emergency lighting
    • Unsafe sliding gates
    • Broken chairs

    Once you have identified the potential hazards, you must eliminate or reduce the hazards. If it is not possible to eliminate them, you must establish precautionary measures to protect the people against these hazards.